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Allan Rich Biography
Peter Antico Biography

Robert Young Biography

Allan RichAllan Rich - BIO

Allan Rich is one of the busiest and most recognizable character actors, in Hollywood today, working in all arenas - stage, film, and on the small screen producing films for kids. Mr. Rich's screen credits include the forthcoming "The Alibi" (in post-production) with Sam Elliott, James Brolin and Debi Mazar. Just completed: "The Last Jew." Also "The Burial Society" with David Paymer, 'The Dog Walker," and "Intoxicating" with John Savage. Other feature film credits include Steven Speilberg's "Amistad," "Disclosure" and Robert Redford's "Quiz Show." Critic Gary Franklin hailed his performance as Robert Kintner, President of NBC, one of the Top Five of the Year. Additional notable performances include working opposite of Robin Williams in "Jack," and playing Halle Berry's lawyer in "A Rich Man's Wife." Recent television credits include upcoming episodes of "Curb Your Own Enthusiasm," "NYPD Blue," "CSI," "Judging Amy," and "The Division."

Allan began his distinguished acting career as a teenager in New York, working with immortals such as Edward G. Robinson, Claude Raines, Ralph Bellamy, Jack Palance, Kim Hunter, Milton Berle and Henry Fonda. He was enjoying the fruits of his labor until his dreams were shattered when the McCarthy Era fell upon the nation and Allan was blacklisted. With no income, a family to support, and little training outside of the acting profession. Rich cajoled his way onto Wall Street and after five years opened his own brokerage firm. During this time his love of modem art surfaced which led to his opening the Allan Rich Art Gallery on Madison Avenue, selling major paintings to important collectors, as well as publishing Dali, Miro and Calder lithographs and George Hurrell portfolios. Despite his enormous success outside of the entertainment field, he returned to the stage in Ron Ribman's "Journey of the Fifth Horse," with Dustin Hoffman and re-launched his film career in "Serpico" with Al Pacino, going on to appear in a myriad of television shows and 62 films ! and mini-series.

We Care About Kids helping childrenUsing his vast knowledge of the film industry and with his love for children, Mr. Rich has dedicated his time to running We Care About Kids, pro-bono, while producing and directing most of the Film Library.
After writing seven screenplays his "Goodbye, Dali," script has been acquired by producer David Permut ("Face/Off") of Permut Presentations. The film focuses on his hilarious experiences with the famed surrealist in
Europe and the early 70's and is currently in pre-production.

Happy to answer any questions on the above. Love, Allan


Peter AnticoPeter Antico- BIO

Peter Antico, Vice-President & Co-Founder, Actor and filmmaker. Appearances in more than 25 films and numerous television shows. He co-wrote and made his directorial debut with "Newton's Law." The short film revolves around a young man who reflects back on the choices he made in life and the consequences attached to those choices .. .from a very unusual perspective.

Prior producing credits include the feature "18 Shades of Dust" with Danny Aiello, William Forsythe and Polly Draper; and the We Care About Kids short "A Little Tailor's Christmas Story."

Peter began his career as an actor with feature film credits that include "Time Cop II" for Universal with Jason Scott Lee; "Con Air" with Nicolas Cage; "Lethal Weapon III" with Mel Gibson; "The Getaway" with Alec Baldwin; "29th Street" with Danny Aiello; " The Assassination Files" for Showtime with Sherilyn Fenn; and "Motorcycle Gang," directed by John Milius. Antico credits Milius (Apocalypse Now) for mentoring his screen writing capabilities, as well as the UCLA Screenwriters Program.

In addition to creating "The Wrong Way Kids" for the organization, he recently completed an autobiographical screenplay about his struggle with Tourette Syndrome, entitled "A Private War." The film is set to star Neve Campbell, with Antcio co-producing.

Films for kidsPeter Antico firmly believes that a man is truly the master of his own universe. He has an eye for character driven stories that make a difference in the quality of life for others and celebrate the human condition, all of which led him co-found We Care About Kids.

Robert J. Young - BIO

Mr. Robert J. Young is a principle member of the Board of Directors and provides legal counsel for We Care About Kids.

Mr. Young was educated at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island and graduated with Honors in Political Science. He earned his law degree at the National Law Center at George Washington University in Washington D.C. He is a member of the California and the New York State Bars. He is a licensed Commercial Pilot with Multi-Engine/Single-Engine and instrument ratings. Mr. Young has an extensive and varied business experience and has an in-depth knowledge of business, entertainment and aviation ventures. He is an adept financial advisor, business development manager and counsel.

Mr. Young is currently the Vice-President of the Santa Monica Airport Association, incorporated in 1967 to promote, perpetuate and protect the Santa Monica Municipal Airport, where he also flies a Grumman Yankee, N9329L. Mr. Young has been an active member of the Board of Directors since 1996.

Mr. Young has been a member of the State Bar of California since 1974 and is also has been a member of the State Bar of New York since 1984. He has also been a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Beverly Hills Bar Association, and has served as a Judge Pro Tempore in the Beverly Hills Municipal Court. He was previously a principal and partner in Lindenbaum & Young, 16 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York, founded by his father, Sidney D. Young, and Abraham M. Lindenbaum, former New York City Planning Commissioner under two Mayors, the Hon. John V. Lindsay and the Hon. Abraham Beame. The firm still specializes in real estate and is run by Mr. Young's brother, Alan H. Young. Pratter & Young enjoy a special relationship with this long outstanding and highly successful real estate firm and its clientele.

Mr. Young is currently the Principal and Managing Partner of Pratter & Young, Attorneys, Los Angeles, California a specialty law firm where its experienced Principals emphasize the personal and intimate service for their clients in entertainment, business organization and affairs, and related litigation. He lives in West Los Angeles, just shy of the threshold of Runway 21 at Santa Monica Airport.

Advisory Council:

Joe Bologna
Cuba Gooding Jr.
John Crosby
Daphna Edwards
Rose Evangelista
Lila Garrett
Eve Brandstein
Arthur Friedman
Kia Hellman

Joy Sirott Hurwitz
Peter Marc Jacobson
Ron Maxwell
Anne Meara
Zack Norman
Edward James Olmos
Michael Shapiro
Jerry Stiller
Renee Taylor
Richard Ziman

Legal Council: Robert Young in West LA.

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