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"A Little Tailors Christmas Story"- Running Time: 15 min, 1995. Set in Nazi Germany, this dramatic short film deals with a tailor, who on Christmas Eve, has misplaced his patrons' clothes, soon to be a topic of local gossip, fate intervenes with a horrifying special delivery.

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Topics for discussion: self-esteem, misuse of power, intolerance, anti violence.

Awards: Hollywood Renaissance Award for Extraordinary Vision Accolades: screened for Academy Award consideration in Best Live Short category films.

"The League of the Old Men"- Running Time: 24 min, 1997. Based on a Jack London short story the film focuses on the conflict between Native Americans and white settlers in the early 1890's Yukon Territory. The film stars Russell Means (The Last of the Mohicans) and Michael Greyeyes (Smoke Signals). Key scenes are spoken in the Lakota language, with English translation.

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Topics for discussion: intolerance, fear and genocide, anti violence solution .



"The Big Leaf Tobacco Company"- Running Time: 14 min, 2001 . This anti smoking film is a satire, narrated by Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. and written by Dan and Jay Amemick (The Nanny), exposes the manipulative tactics used by tobacco companies to entice children to smoke. Ideal for kids 7-13 years old. Internet Movie Database info on The Big Leaf Tobacco Company

PS: “The Big Leaf Tobacco Company” film is dedicated to Dr. Jeffrey S. Wigand (jeffreywigand.com), pictured on the left of this photo. He's the man who told the truth about the tobacco industry, placing himself and his family in harms way. His bravery and dedication to humanity was expressed in the Academy Award-nominated film, “The Insider." Jeffrey Wigand on left Jeffrey Wigand Allan Rich and Peter Antico

Film Advisory Board plaque.Film Advisory Board - website linkTopics for discussion: health related issues of tobacco consumption, non smoking issues.

Awards: Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence


"Things Fall Apart"- Running Time: 15 min, 2002. By witnessing a violent act, a mundane persons' life is torn to shreds.


Topics for discussion: violence and its resulting consequences


"Newton's Law"- Running time: 20 min, 2003. A young man reflects back on the choices he made on life and how the consequences affected his life, his friends and his family. The film stars Maria Conchita Alonso (Moscow on the Hudson).



Topics for discussion: alcohol and driving under the influence

1. Second place, Los Angeles Italian Film Festival- Best Short Category Los Angeles Italian Film Awards - website link
2. Special Recognition award for outstanding achievement in film making

  "The Wrong Way Kids"- Running Time: 22min, 1999. New kid on the block, who happens to be a girl, wants to join the local boys athletic club.

Topics for discussion: acceptance, rejection, and resolution of conflicts

"Things Fall Apart"- Running Time: 15 min, 2002. By witnessing a violent act, a mundane persons' life is torn to shreds.



"Smoke"- Running Time: 11 min, 2001. A more sophisticated look at the emotional scars and physical impact of long-term smoking. Anti smoking theme ideal for those students over 13 and provides reasons to quit smoking or never start in the first place.

Topics for discussion: health related issues on tobacco consumption and substance abuse in general, non smoking issues

  In pre-production: A short film call "In the Room" about child abuse. Other films are undergoing development.

Each of the various films are developed for kids and teens to gain a better understanding of anti violence, anti smoking and racial tolerance in today's societies and the effects on the behavior of our youth.






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