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DONATIONS - Three ways to donate

Make checks payable to:

We Care About Kids
2400 Whitman Place
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Or call us: 323-465-4007
(M-F 10 AM to 6 PM PT)

E-mail questions to David Rickett


Click this link to use your credit card to make a donation.


We believe our films can save many lives and untold medical expenses.

For each $100 donation to “WE CARE ABOUT KIDS”, we will send to the school of your choice a collection of the following films:

  • “The Big Leaf Tobacco Company”(running time: 14 min.) -a contemporary short-film created to prevent our children from the devastating physical and mental effects of tobacco. In addition, the film will expose the manipulative tactics used by the large tobacco companies to entice and hook our children with their deadly tobacco products.

  • “A Little Tailor’s Christmas Story”(running time: 15 min.) -a short-film about abuse of power in Nazi-Germany during the late 1930’s (similar to a child’s misuse of power with a gun in his hand)

  • “The League of the Old Men”(running time: 24 min.) -a film based on a Jack London short story about the plight of the North American Indian and the genocidal effects of prejudice Included with the film collection will be a synopsis of each film as well as suggested questions for discussions following the screenings.

    In addition to the above contribution package, we have various donation levels available for individual or corporate sponsorship:

  • SILVER ($1000)

    For a donation of $1000 you will become a SILVER level contributor. Your name (or company name) will be listed as one of our sponsors in the end credits of the film. Your donation will reach 10 schools and may save up to 15,000 children ages 10-15 years!

  • GOLD ($5000)

    For a $5000 donation, you will become a GOLD contributor. Your name (or company name) will be included as one of our sponsors listed in the end credits of the film. Your donation would reach 50 schools and may save up to 75,000 children ages 10-15 years!

  • PLATINUM ($10,000)

    Any donation above $10,000 will give you (or your company) PLATINUM status and credit as an Associate Producer. An Associate Producer will result in 5-10% of our budget, therefore would entitle you to be listed as an Associate Producer in the end credits. In addition to saving an infinite number of children ages 10-15 years!

    Even if we save a small percentage of the children who see our films, we will have been enormously successful!

    Here’s hoping you will join us in the fight for our children against the tobacco industry, human prejudice, and the abuse of power.

    With warm regards, I remain Sincerely,
    Allan Rich President

We Care About Kids

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